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πŸ”— Lunchtime at Apple Park just got a whole lot more exciting β†’

πŸ”— Apple Pay for Germany “Later this Year” β†’


πŸ”— An In-Depth Look Inside Nike’s Sprawling Oregon Headquarters β†’

I would love to visit that campus once in my life.

πŸ”— iPhone 3G: 10 Years Later β†’

I got mine in September 2008 and since then i used an iPhone. It was my first smartphone and changed my whole cellphone usage in just one day. I loved and still love the design of the 3G and i am really happy to have this devices until today in one of my drawers.

πŸ”— The T2 chip makes the iMac Pro the start of a Mac revolution β†’

This little detail is the reason why i love Apple so much. They don’t take the architecture for granted. They try to think outside the box to make things more secure.

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